I-TARA : Iamops Training and Research Academy

Meet Satvik Gajera – Passion for technology and a strong desire to learn and grow in the field of IT.

DevOps Engineer

1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Satvik Gajera and I am a final year Bachelor’s student in Computer Science and Technology from Charusat University. I am a diligent and dedicated individual with a passion for technology and a strong desire to learn and grow in the field of IT. Currently, I am pursuing an internship in DevOps at IAMOPS in Surat, where I am gaining hands-on experience in the development and deployment of software applications. I am confident that this experience, combined with my education and technical skills, will enable me to make a valuable contribution to any organization in the IT industry.

2. How did you decide to pursue a career in DevOps?

DevOps is a fast-growing technology, and when I learned about it, I developed a keen interest in it. As someone who always wants to learn new technologies and stay current with the latest industry trends, DevOps seemed like a perfect fit. I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful opportunity from IAMOPS to pursue an internship in this field, which has allowed me to gain hands-on experience and learn from experts in the industry. This experience has not only helped me develop my technical skills but has also provided me with valuable insights into the industry and helped me build a network of professional contacts. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to continue learning and growing in the field of DevOps.

3. What inspired you to apply for the Academy? 

During my search for an internship, I came across several companies providing DevOps services. However, what fascinated me about IAMOPS was that it was the only company in the market that focused purely on cloud and DevOps services. This unique focus on a specific area of technology set them apart from other companies and made me more interested in learning from them. I made every effort to secure an internship with IAMOPS, as I believe that the experience gained from working with a company that specializes in cloud and DevOps services will provide me with valuable skills and knowledge for my future career. I am excited to be a part of IAMOPS’s team and to contribute to their continued success.

4. Was it hard to balance between the academy and your     everyday life?

Balancing academics and everyday life can be challenging, but I was able to manage my time effectively and give enough attention to both. During my internship at IAMOPS, I made it a priority to prioritize my studies while also giving my best effort to my work. As the initial phase of any new job or internship can be challenging, I approached my work with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. I believe that it’s one’s responsibility to give their best at what they are doing, and I strived to do the same. While giving enough time to academics, I also dedicated myself to learning and growing in my internship at IAMOPS. I am confident that the experience I gained during this time will serve me well in my future endeavors/

5. Did you manage to bond with the others from the Academy     (students, mentor and tutors)?

IAMOPS’s academy program is a fantastic initiative for new interns, Satvik. It’s essential to establish a solid foundation of basic knowledge before diving into more complex technologies, and I’m glad to hear that IAMOPS places a significant focus on this. The academy provides interns with the opportunity to learn the basics of everything they will need to know for their work. Skipping the basics and jumping straight into the main technology can be detrimental to progress, so IAMOPS’s approach is a smart one. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed your time in the academy and were able to learn and grow with your fellow interns. The presence of senior team members to offer guidance and support is also valuable and shows IAMOPS’s investment in its interns’ success. I’m confident that the knowledge and skills gained in the academy will prove invaluable in your future work, both at IAMOPS and beyond.

6. DevOps Marathon journey with 1 word?

  • Progressive