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About Us

I-TARA is IAMOPS Training And Research Academy

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How did I-TARA start?

We understand that there is a huge gap of knowledge and quality between highly growth startups and big companies’ CTOs. After taking 1000+ interviews of experienced candidates, we realized that there is a gap between what industry is expecting and what the candidates are prepared to do.

That’s how I-TARA started, by training interns at IAMOPS, we have perfected the path to becoming a DevOps professional. Now we want to empower freshers, people who want to switch careers and more. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry expectation and college education, by providing high-quality technical education and training to individuals who are interested in pursuing careers like DevOps Engineering, Site Reliable Engineering, and more. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower individuals from any background to pursue their dream career. We saw that entering the DevOps field is quite challenging, so our programs are designed to help a DevOps aspirant overcome each setback, whether it’s skills, communication, or experience.

Our Vision

Our Achievers

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